Facts Check – LCD Technology

Facts Check – LCD Technology

LCD technology or Liquid Crystal Display has been used today in every corner as you see on different department stores, retail stores, and malls or even at your home. LCD technology offers brilliant colors and provides prominent displays which enhance the experience of shoppers. Today,  every home using LCD technology in different devices. In this post we will discuss some facts on LCD technology

What is a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)?

An LCD or Liquid Crystal Display comes from its name itself where a combination of two states of matter, the solid and the liquid. LCD technology uses liquid crystals to produce a visible image. LCD technology is super-thin technology display screen that are generally used in TV, Mobile Phones, Video Games or on your Laptop/ Personal computer screen. The display is more fine compare to CRT Technology.

How LCD Technology Works?

LCD consists of different layers including the two polarized panel filters and electrodes. Light is projected from a lens with a layer of liquid crystal. These combinations of coloured lights including the grayscale image of crystal create a coloured image which is displayed on the screen.

Advantages & Benefits of an LCD TV

If we compare LCD TV with Old fashioned TV set there are many benefits of LCD display some of them include the picture quality is more realistic compare to older display.  The number of pixels on the screen in an LCD screen is higher which provides you with better and clear picture. LCD requires less power compare to CRT or LED Technology as LCD consist of microwatts compare to mill watts. Therefore LCD cost is low. LCD screens are even thinner and lighter as compare to CRT and LED and offers excellent contrast.

Disadvantages of LCD televisions

As we provided you with the benefits of LCD television there are some disadvantages of LCD screens which includes the screen may got blurring movement if there are fast motion on the video. This can be noticed when you are watching any sports event as the action displayed at a full speed. Another disadvantage of LCD is that the viewing angles if we compare to the old models of displays as there are colour shift if you are viewing from too right or too left of the screen. Although; these problem has been corrected using LED backlights in new edition of LCD Screens.

Differences between Plasma vs LCD comparison

The closest competition in the flat-panel display market is the plasma screen, which has a few notable advantages, among them is a slight edge in price that is gradually diminishing as LCD technology evolves. Up until recently, plasma had the edge in those qualities mentioned above, like blurry motion and viewing angle.

Moving LCD TVs

If we compare other Television such as flat panel option – LCD TV are thinner and very light which is easy to move and can be wall mounted quickly on your home wall.

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