Install your LCD TV in 3 Simple Steps

Install your LCD TV in 3 Simple Steps

 In this blog post we will cover how to install LCD TV or LCD Screen without help of Professionals. After having bought your favorite LCD or Plasma television the only task left is to set up. Now the question comes - Where?  Well, setting your television on the wall is not pleasing to the eye, you also get to show off your desired source of entertainment, but also it consumes less space, and does not make your room look stuffy.

To install your television, you can call a professional from the company you purchased your television, but we are going to teach you to install it yourself, this is not only an opportunity to learn something new, but you also save some bucks.

Step One is to ensure you have a stud finder. It helps to assure that your television will be safe, steady and secured on the wall.

Step two is - after finding the studs, you have to install the wall mount on the position you have marked. It is crucial that the wall mount be screwed into many points, because the more points it is anchored into, the weight is going to be less on the individual mounting points. If there are more many points pinned or screwed, logically the weight is going to be less.

Step three - is to attach the LCD TV into the wall mount, and then plug it in. To make it more pleasing to the eye, the cable wires must be kept hidden, no one wants to look at the cable wire mess, right? A little passage, space must be drilled into the wall that will hold the cable wires. If you have other tips and tricks to hide the wires, than we give you a big thumbs up to go ahead.

We recommend while installing your television set, you do it together with someone. They might help you in holding the materials or instruct you. Working together with someone will reduce the amount of time it usually takes when the task falls into the hands of one person alone. The process will also become more efficient, and being accompanied generally might boost one's confidence.

The last step is to acknowledge the efforts you have put in the whole process of researching, learning about television sets, then finding the one that suits your fancy, and also undertaking the task to install it. You have done a good job, and relax and enjoy.



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