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Home Cinema

Enjoy a display that has been designed to fit gracefully into any room and blend in beautifully with any décor. Experience various kinds of content with Ultra HD picture quality and 3D. Xtreme’s innovative system enhances images
and movies, processing UHD sources at a crisp resolution and to a level of detail that’s never been possible before in your home.

Monitoring & Surveillance

Featuring a design that can withstand tough 24 / 7 operation, Xtreme’ s professional displays are perfect for
catching every pixel with stunning clarity. The full array LED option backlights the entire display, illuminating your content and ensuring that each detail is analyzed and remastered for vivid viewing.

Board Rooms

Restoring color in real time and featuring a superior listening experience that will
surround you from every direction, the masterpiece is perfect for video
conferencing and meetings. Delivering ultra- smooth, ultra-precise and ultra-detailed images and videos, true
deep blacks and pristine whites come to life in the most magical way.

Features & Product

Fan-less Design

Designed for silent 24/7 operation, the fan-less architecture is also great for maintenance as the XD-120-4K3D / XD-120-4K comes with zero mechanical air-ventilation fans.

Active Contrast

Experience exceptional levels of color variety, precision, depth, and contrast. Extreme delivers a world of brilliant UHD picture quality with incredibly sharp definition and clarity down to the tiniest detail.

24/7 Use

With high brightness and superior durability, Extrem’s LED displays are ideal for heavy-duty 24/7 operation and display across a wide range of commercial facilities.

From Purchasing to Installation

1 Pre-Site Survey

• Please prepare the drawings that show the details of the
installation site, the delivery route inside the building and data that
show the strength of the floor.
• The survey will be conducted with the presence of the user, XTREME
partners, installation specialists, architects, and constructors and
XTREME service personnel

2 Estimation

• After the pre-site survey has been completed. the estimation for
the expenses besides the unit price, such as delivery fee, the costs
for the installation site construction works, options, other related
works, maintenance, and disposal or the removal of items, if any will
be provided based on the consultations.
• Please check the details with “Warranty terms and conditions, and
Maintenance Agreement”.

3 Order and Delivery

• The product is arranged as build-to-order.

4 Maintenance Agreement & Maintenance

• Please plan to sign a maintenance contract with partnering service
company for the safe use of the product.

More About the Products – Using the product
1. Mounting the monitor on the wall requires special expertise and the work
must be performed by an authorized XTREME dealer. You should never
attempt to perform any of this work yourself. Our company will bear no
responsibility for accidents or injuries caused by improper mounting or

Catalog Notes
1. Product specifications are subject to change without notice. Colors of
products shown in this catalog may differ slightly from actual colors due
to the limitations of the printing process.
2. The displays shown on the LCD monitors appearing in photographs in this
catalog are simulated images.

Available Models

Model NumberDescription
XD-120-4K120 inches
XD-120-4K3D120 inches


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