Xtreme XD-550VNLCD 55-Inch Narrow Bezel (1.8mm) LCD Video Wall Screen

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55-inch Extreme narrow Bezel (1.8mm) LCD Video Wall screen, with its nearly frameless design, to bring you the most exciting mosaic visual arts. Effectively enhance customer awareness, especially in high-traffic areas such as museums, galleries, and large retail stores.

Borderless design

0.9mm and 0.9mm border panels *, almost boundless design, making the splicing effect is extremely shocking, giving the audience an extraordinary experience.

Excellent picture quality

Clear perspective: This series of Video wall screen to ensure that (more than 4) clear picture, which is conducive to large-scale installation in large sites splicing wall. 2, uniform brightness:  LED backlight technology to ensure a high degree of unity of the screen brightness, so as to ensure the clarity of the screen. Other monitors will appear darker locally on the screen. 3, Image Displacement Correction: Image improvement algorithms can be provided to adjust the image at the border of the border to achieve a seamless visual experience.


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