Xtreme XD-600LCD 60-Inch (6.2MM) LCD Video Wall Screen

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Using Xtreme ultra-thin border design, easy and flexible composition of the video wall, showing a realistic and exquisite, impressive large screen. The reduction in border width makes the screens virtually seamless with a width of only 6.2 mm between adjacent two displays (2.4 mm for bottom and right and 4.1 mm for the top and left).

The non-picture area between adjacent displays is 7.1 mm

1. The product adopts Xtreme LCD splicing screen with 6.2mm bilateral patchwork and adopts high-definition LCD with high resolution (1,366 x 768 pixels), high brightness (400cd / m2 &700cd / m2 ), a high contrast ratio of 3000: 1 and wide viewing angle of 178 degrees Display panel to support 768P  HD digital video display.

2. Executive R & D aluminum alloy box, built-in power supply, driver, interface, splicing processor and other integrated modules, toughened glass protection to avoid collision fragile LCD glass, scientific cooling system design, built-in temperature control alarm module is the product run Stable and safe.

3. The product was tofu block appearance of the structure of the box has four fixed studs, twist the nut can be fixed, the installation is simple and quick.

4. The first overall chassis design, anti-drop high-level transport packaging, complete packaging can reach the drop impact below 1 meter; a variety of installation methods, high-end bracket. Also, Can be wall-mounted, embedded installation, etc .; installation without professional installers can also be very easy to install; stable operation, low maintenance costs;

5 products provide VGA, HDMI, color component, mixed video, USB, RF television signal interface, unlike other manufacturers on-demand configuration signal interface limitations.

6. Adopting the first original “anti-aliasing stream processing technology” to enable low pixel images to be clearly reproduced in full HD display; de-interlacing technology to eliminate flicker; de-interlacing algorithm to eliminate “jaggies”; dynamic interpolation compensation, 3D Dynamic digital noise reduction, 3D comb filtering, 10-bit digital brightness and color enhancement, automatic color correction, 3D motion compensation, nonlinear scaling and other international leader in processing technology; image frame optional compensation or cover, full HD signal real-time processing .

7. Can be achieved manually timing cruise alarm plan and set up a kaleidoscopic presentation, intelligent temperature control, and alarm, communication fault automatic detection and other functions, multi-signal split-screen display, the entire screen display, any combination of a display.

8. Widely used in security, command center, the entertainment industry, business shows, advertising media, convention centers, factories and mines, electricity, water conservancy, education, agencies and units, the military and other industries.


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