Xtreme XD-CVT-MAV-MAV Signal Converter.


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XD-CVT-MAV-MAV is a unique and powerful universal media converter, it can support the converts between analog to digital or digital to analog,. With DVI-I interfaces, users only need to simply plug in the needed adapters to realize the converts between CVBS/DVI/VGA/Ypbpr/HDMI. It also support 3.5mm audio embedded and de-embedded. Supports auto detect the inputs and outputs resources, with fronts buttons users can adjust the color, brightness, sharpness, contrast ratio of the output images. Also supports the advanced mirror and so on functions.

It provides a very stable and universal converting solution, with all kinds of advanced mirror, scaler functions, it has been popularly used in the conferencing rooms, advertising and security and protection systems. 



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