Xtreme XD-FIBER-3GSDI-110TR Fiber Optic Extender.


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XD-FIBER-SDI-110TR is the latest 1 core single mode fiber optic extender. It transmits the SDI video and audio signals up to 10km(32808ft), the maximum distance can up to 80km with different optical transceivers. No compressing, no latency, no losses during  the whole transmission process and realize a perfect image transmission. FIBER-SDI-110TR consists of two parts: FIBER-SDI-110T is the transmitter, it will convert the SDI+LR signal to 1 core fiber signal; FIBER-SDI-110R is the receiver, it will convert the fiber signal back to the SDI+LR and show on the displays.

With 1 core fiber, it does not only help users save on cable costs, but also make the installation easier. And no RFI/EMI radiated interference or lose the quality of the videos, data safety can be guaranteed. And also realize the electric isolation, make the cable installation easy other than ever before. Optical transceiver is using the most common SPF+packaging, so users can choose the different transceivers according to the real transmission distance and fiber cable categories.


DescriptionDVI 4 cores multi model 500m
Distance10KM(Single model)
Inputs&outputsTransmitter: 1*SDI input, 1*Audio input 1*LC connector fiber output
Receiver: 1*LC connector fiber input, 1*SDI output, 1*Audio output
Power SupplyAC: 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.5A Max  DC: 12V 1500mA
weight800g(A pair)
Working-10℃ – 50℃
Storage-25℃ – 55℃


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