Xtreme XD-FIBER-MAVC-2000TR Fiber Optic Extender.


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FIBER-MAVC-2000TR integrates high-definition video, audio, bidirectional RS232, bidirectional IR and 100BASE-T Ethernet transmission functions. It can extend DVI signal transmission distance by 2000m by one core single mode fiber and extend the HDMI signal (HDCP) up to a distance of 300 meters. The highest resolution can be 3840 * 2160/ 30Hz or 3840 * 2160/ 60Hz (YUV 4: 2: 0); Compatible with DDC2B and HDCP transmission. The audio channel of this product is an independent transmission channel.

FIBER-MAVC-2000TR has two operating modes, one is the DVI signal transmission mode without the DDC transmission function. Another mode is the HDMI signal transmission with real-time HDCP transmission. Under the DVI transmission mode, there are three different EDID management ways:

1) EDID learning and storage mode, read EDID content from the SINK side and stored in the EEPROM of transmitter;

2) EDID factory default mode, the EEPROM default EDID content;

3) EDID/ HDCP real-time transmission mode, through the DDC transmission channel read and transfer EDID content in real-time. Under HDMI mode, FIBER-MAVC-2000TR supports HDCP function and is compatible with HDMI1.4.

FIBER-MAVC-2000TR transmits all signals through one single optic fiber cable. The transmission distance is 300m with OM3 multi-mode fiber cable, with single- model fiber cable the distance can be 2000m when HDCP is not supported. When supports HDCP, then transmission distance is 300m with both of the OM3 multi-model and single-model fiber cable.


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