Xtreme XD-HRS-5500 Huddle Room Solution.


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The HRS-5500 (Huddle Room Solution) is a highly integrated, intelligent product developed by the company specifically for small and medium-sized conference rooms. The hybrid matrix, audio processor, digital amplifier and central control are integrated into a 2U mini-chassis System four systems. Highly integrated and well-compatible for the future of the conference room provides a very friendly solution, the real realization of the BYOD function.

HRS-5500 supports 3GSDI, DVI, HDMI, analog signal, fiber signal, network cable signal and other video signal input and output. Support fiber optic signal input and output, using a single fiber, the transmission distance of up to 10 km. Support HDBaseT network cable signal input and output, using a single cable, the transmission distance of up to 100 meters. Supports seamless switching. Support resolution conversion which can be fixed in a variety of resolution output.

HRS-5500 uses third-generation audio processing technology. High-quality preamplifier, DSP processing bus structure, the use of fixed input and output structure, the use of faster TI L138 FLOPS DSP chip to control and deal with audio streams, intuitive display of sound from the input – amplification – noise reduction – mixing – Output the entire process of software design. The operation interface is concise and clear. The control software includes the group control, parameter copy, paste and control function, and the scene (conference mode, performance mode, singing mode) is required for editing the storage of the acoustic characteristics of different functions. B / S architecture client, Can be mobile, tablet, notebook and other terminals for mobile control. HRS-6600 also integrates an integrated two 100W digital amplifier module, can directly drive the speaker.

HRS-5500 central controller configuration up to 4000MHz 32-bit embedded processor, built-in 32M memory and 4M memory FLASH, high-speed operation of complex logic instructions; provide open programmable control platform, user-friendly Chinese operation Interface and interactive control structure; embedded infrared learning function, the user to establish its own infrared code database, can achieve a key to send dual-code infrared logic control; through the expansion of Ethernet control interface to achieve computer remote control; configuration support Multi-connected Ethernet interface, easy to connect IPAD and Andrews touch screen.

The HRS-5500 application covers all professional applications, meeting the needs of conference rooms, function rooms, theaters, concert halls, classrooms, exhibitions, public transport centers, sports venues, churches and so on.




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