Xtreme XD-LE700 70-Inch LED Light Source DLP Rear Projection Cubes


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Laser DLP Rear Projection Cubes display system, using the world’s leading laser DLP all-digital optical reflection imaging technology to solve the traditional LED light source unit display brightness of the problem, while enhancing the laser product color performance, with high brightness, wide color gamut, Low power consumption, no radiation and other advantages. At the same time using the frameless design, can achieve very fine DLP optical patchwork; large screen splicing system built-in picture processor, without external controller in the case of image splicing; for large integrated video surveillance center, integrated scheduling command Center and other fields.

Higher brightness, beyond the pure LED light source products

XtremeDisplay LP series projection unit using the latest research and development of the latest laser light source, making the projector in the LED light source has a super-wide color gamut color expression, but also has high brightness of the expression, but also comparable to the traditional UHP bulb Light source, brightness up to 4000ANSI lumens.

Digital uniformity adjustment

LP series laser light projection unit adds a separate electronic adjustment system module inside the movement, the screen is divided into several (16×13) matrix blocks, take the minimum brightness value and adjust the brightness of each small piece to be consistent with the same, this feature makes the projection Unit brightness uniformity of more than 95%.Effectively avoid the large-size rear projection sun effect.

Wide range of color temperature adjustment

Can be a wide range of color temperature adjustment (3200K — 12000K), to meet the needs of different applications, especially suitable for some applications in color with special requirements: such as radio and television industry, medical industry, virtual simulation industry, but also convenient The realization of the video, RGB and other signals display the switching curve, making the display more vivid, more abundant levels, restore more true.

The new area of ​​mixed solid-state light source, green, low-power laser light source is green lighting, solid-state laser light source, does not contain mercury, sodium and other harmful substances, there is no super-high pressure mercury lamp pollution of the environment, in line with environmental requirements, Green and safe, and ultra-low power consumption, the whole energy consumption is only 170W.
Internal Multi-PIP
Conventional rear projection projectors can only process one type of image (digital, RGB, or video) on a single display, or on a single display or on a single display The entire wall splicing the reality of a variety of different types of signal images of any multi-screen, superimposed, roaming display, you need to increase the peripheral processing equipment, such as the need to increase the image processor, multi-screen segmentation.

Professional rear projection projectors with the new Internal Multi-PIP feature a built-in multi-screen image processing display with an ultra-powerful ASIC chip that eliminates the need for additional processing equipment in the display wall. Realistic image of different signals in a single screen or multi-screen multi-screen arbitrary screen across, superimposed, roaming display. Which avoids the degradation of the image display quality caused by the increase of the signal attenuation caused by the peripheral processing equipment, and at the same time, saves the additional image processing equipment.

Long service life Laser light projection unit adopts the latest laser light display technology in the industry. The laser has a long service life of 20,000 hours and a stable brightness curve, which effectively avoids the high cost of materials and maintenance costs.
Multi-curve dust-proof, heat sink design
Cooling and dust proof has been the bottleneck of the development of electronic products sealing, large-screen splicing system box living in its characteristics, that is, large enough space, size. Under the premise of not affecting the optical line and the optical equipment, the layout of the external access cable is designed as a triple curved line. Each layer is made of dustproof material with different materials to delaminate the system input cable. At the same time in the three bends at the same time set up an independent air inlet channel, each air inlet respectively with different materials, different confinement of the dust filter material to minimize the density of dust in the projection box body to ensure projection optics The stability of work has greatly reduced the workload and cost of system maintenance.


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