Xtreme XD-LP670 67-Inch LED Light Source DLP Rear Projection Cubes


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LED as a light source display DLP big screen splicing, become the most high-end combination of splicing display system design innovative products. LED light source life of up to 80,000 hours, brightness up to 900Ansi lumens. The series of varieties to energy-saving, environmental protection, low-carbon features, its long life, zero maintenance of the most significant advantage. This product uses the latest DLP digital TI and the ultimate color technology ……

TI’s latest DLP technology  Xtreme uses TI’s latest 0.7 “/ 0.95” LVDS DLP ™ DMD graphics chip, DarkChip3 ™ technology and BrilliantColor ™ technology to significantly enhance contrast and boost brightness. Physical resolution of 1400 × 1050 and 1920 × 1080 HD, providing fine pixel performance.

Instant power

LED light source that is lit, this feature makes the new LED light projection unit is no longer the same as the previous use of UHP light projection unit as a need for a gradual waiting process, from power to the screen display, only 1 to 2 seconds !

Independent six-axis adjustment mechanism
Independent six-axis optical adjustment mechanism patented technology, manual or electric control (optional). Can be achieved quickly and finely adjust the geometry of each unit screen, high stability, to ensure that images seamlessly splicing display.

Advanced Dynamic Liquid Circulation Cooling System
Dynamic liquid circulation cooling system enables fast and efficient LED light source cooling; maintenance-free, without the need to regularly replenish condensate; hermetically sealed design with no risk of liquid leakage; numerous extreme environmental tests have proven Liquid cooling system can work in any environment;
LED chip on the sensitive temperature sensor to ensure constant LED light source temperature;
leading automatic power adjustment system – in the event of a cooling system failure or ambient temperature exceeds the specified temperature limit, This function automatically reduces the LED power, to ensure the normal display screen, the system safe and stable.

Movement modular structure, through the IP5X professional dust test
LED light projection unit on the light source, optical engine (light path), power supply three parts modular design, optical engine part of the aluminum alloy air tightness, in line with IP5X professional dust Standard, favorable heat, dust, extend the life of the movement, reduce maintenance costs.

Built-in image processor
Built-in image processor integrated in the electronic module motherboard, higher reliability. Video / RGB signal dedicated graphics chip independent channel processing, support through-screen display and picture in picture display, each display unit can open 3 signal windows at the same time, the signal window can be arbitrarily zoom without using the external splicing controller, move, cross Screen, roaming display.

Seven-color gamut adjustment technology, precise consistency adjustment and color reproduction The

LED light source projection unit adds independent adjustment circuitry for the red, green, blue, cyan, yellow, violet, and white seven colors that make up the image color, completely independently adjusting seven You can adjust the composition of each of the primary colors without affecting the other primary colors. This feature makes the big screen have a more perfect color expression, but also can accurately adjust the entire screen color to obtain Highly consistent!

Front maintenance box design (optional)

One-touch automatic push to open the screen, from the front of the installation and maintenance of components, the display wall can be more than 3 stacked wall stitching installation. The use of a unique longitudinal dual-channel rear cooling structure design, does not require the rear maintenance access and cooling space.


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