Xtreme XD-MCS-T500 Distributed Integrated Cloud Node


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feature of product

1, MCS cloud global management

All devices on the MCS cloud unified cloud management, multi-screen multi-signal any call operations.

2, full embedded platform safe and reliable.

Based on self-developed embedded hardware platform development, the use of optimized Linux operating system, no virus invasion potential, safe and reliable.

3, focus on MCS cloud control, stable operation.

Simplify the operating system, focus on MCS control management, no hardware and software compatibility issues, to ensure stable operation 7 × 24 hours.

4, that is, even use

Access to the network, boot can be used without having to install any system and software.

5, to simplify system configuration

Automatically scan network-wide MCS cloud devices to quickly complete system initialization and simplify complex configuration.

6, integrated ASC precise synchronization calibration technology

Integrated with ASC automatic stitching synchronization precision calibration technology, all cloud stitching display in MCS cloud can be synchronized and managed uniformly.

7, dual network hot backup

Support dual redundant network backup architecture, which can connect two independent networks, any one network failure can be automatically switched to another network to continue management control.

8, dual server backup

Support dual redundant hot backup server, any server failure can seamlessly switch to another degree of weapons to continue to complete system-wide management.


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