Xtreme XD-MCS-VP2000 Management Server


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Product Description

The MCS cloud management server is responsible for global unified cloud management of all devices in the MCS cloud in the area, and controls the multi-screen and multi-signal implementation. Based on self-developed embedded hardware platform, it adopts optimized embedded Linux operating system to improve operation efficiency. The access network can be automatically configured to initialize, simplifying the configuration process. Support independent research and development of dual redundant hot backup architecture, automatic fault switch to ensure the stable operation of the system. Support multi-screen multi-terminal cloud management and control, peripheral equipment control, screen layout, plan transfer. Support user grading mechanism for large-screen partition. To provide users with efficient, simple, high security visual unified management.

System Architecture Introduction

feature of product

1, the whole network control, cloud equipment management

2, using 32-bit main processing chip, processing capacity up to 480MIPS

3, support for visual programming, multi-device intelligent linkage.

4,  8 two-way programmable serial port, support RS232 / RS485 / RS422

5, 8 individually controllable contact relays, can be used for electrical switch control.

6, 1 infrared receiver interface, support for infrared command learning device.

7,  distributed layout, unlimited expansion of the interface as needed

8,  multi-co-processor to ensure that each interface control real-time accurate.

9,  standard 100Mbps Ethernet interface

10, 8 independent programmable I / O input and output control

11, 4 independent infrared transmitter interface, transmit power can be adjusted.

12, using embedded hardware architecture, all products are rigorously tested to ensure stable operation 7 × 24 hours.


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