XTREME XD-P1.6 LED Display 1.6 Pixels


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Product introduction : XD-P1.6 uses SMD 1010 LED black lamp, its original silicone mold technology, compared with the resin package has no deformation, black and other advantages, enhanced LED chip reliability, temperature resistance, UV , Strong resistance to stress, to achieve all-black RGB package, light loss rate, reached the industry-leading level. With a black mask, high contrast, viewing the screen from the side, the brightness is uniform, the maximum viewing angle (horizontal / vertical) up to 160 degrees, the visual effect is better.

Interior full-color high brush cell plate display more clearly and exquisitely, the resolution can reach above 1080P ; Achieve high refresh rate, high gray scale and high lamp utilization; No ghosting, anti “caterpillar”, low power consumption, low surges and other functions; Heilonggang series SMD indoor full color three-unit board mainly red LED chip, green LEDchip and a blue LED chip package after a matrix composed of pixels, and then the plastic sleeve is secured to the member and Into; this unit board contains the driver chip and the input buffer chip, connected to the LED display control system candisplay video, image and text information; driven by the OE signal red LED, green LED and blue LED driver chip can be formed 43980 billion kinds of color conversion; this box can be any horizontal and vertical stitching, which spell into different sizes of the display;

Features :

  1.    Non-contact maintenance methods

After the maintenance tool is triggered, the module automatically pops up and quickly replace the module in 10 seconds.

Completely before maintenance design, control cards, power supplies, wiring can be safe before the installation, prior to removal.

No need to set aside maintenance behind the screen channel, wall stickers installed, greatly saving the use of space.

Separate structure of intelligent assembly

Box module separate structure, on-site installation, you only need to install the box first, and then install the module, both to ensure efficient cooling screen body, but also with the module to avoid accidental collision with the installation.

Between the box and the box using a wireless connection, the stability is better.

Up and down, left and right, front and rear intelligent adjustment through the cabinet’s six-way splicing system to ensure the screen splicing accuracy of less than or equal to 0.1mm.

Low light gray  high refresh rate

16bit gray, high contrast, high refresh rate, fine quality, smooth, high fidelity.

16: 9 golden ratio

Box 16: 9 golden ratio design, point to point can be spliced ​​into 720p, 1080p, 2160p, 3840P and other standard screen resolution.

double backup

Support power backup, signal backup, dual power backup, stable and reliable.

A variety of installation methods

Cabinet support wall installation (without maintenance channel), seat, lifting and other installation methods, optional original rack installation.


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