XTREME XD-P3.75M LED Small Pitch 3.75mm Indoor Monochrome Screen.


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Indoor 3.75 surface-mount 16-cell unit is mainly composed of a red LED chip package as a pixel matrix composed of, and then fixed to the plastic kit made;

this module contains a driver chip and input buffer chip, connected to the LED display the control system can significantly shown video, image and text information;

driving the red LED chip on the OE signal, converting 256 colors may be formed;

this cell plate can horizontally and vertically by any stitching, so that makes up a display screen of different sizes;Module features: High brightness LED and high quality plastic parts High contrast can achieve good display Light weight Easy to install and disassemble Constant current mode drive LED, uniform light and low power consumption Pixel pitch 4.75mm, a total of 64 * 32 pixels, each pixel consists of 1R


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