XTREME XD-P3.75T LED Display 3.75 Pixels


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Indoor 3.75 surface mount Sixteen sweep unit board is mainly composed of a red LED chip, a green LED chip packagecomposed of a pixel matrix, and then fixed to the plastic kit made;

this module contains the driver chip and the input buffer chip, connect the LED display control system can significantlyshown video, image and text information;

by the OE signal driving the red LED, a green LED, 65,536 colors can be formed transformation; this cell plate can horizontally and vertically any stitching direction, taped together to form Different size of the display;

      module features:
with super bright LED and high-quality plastic parts
High contrast can achieve good display Light
weight Easy to install and disassemble
Constant current mode drive LED, uniform light and low power consumption
Pixel Pitch 4.75mm, a total of 64 * 32 pixels, each pixel consists of 1R1G


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