XTREME XD-VPX-500 Video Processor.


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Multiple Splicing Modes

Arbitrary display of 8 image

XD-VPX-500: Can simultaneously display 8 same or different signal images on the splicing screen, and size, location and hierarchical relationship of each image can be adjusted independently.

CrossInt smart synchronous splicing

VPX-500 has adopted the CrossInt smart splicing technology specially designed for splicing display  and  all  display  modules  are  locked  by  BeingHD  FST  technology  before synchronous  output, eliminating the asynchronous display between contents of multiple  modules.


8 DVI-U inputs

Equal to DVI-I, DVI-U, however, increases flexibility and may cover multiple digital and analog signals. VPX-500 support8 DVI-U inputs, which can receive DVI, HDMI, VGA and CVBS signals.


Support output port mapping, allowing blind-mate

VPX-500   supports   output   port   mapping,   allowing   casual   connection   of   12output  ports  without  considering  the  physical  and  logic  locations  of  the  display unit. Users can  directly  adjust  logic  locations  through  equipment  or  BeingHD soft  keys  to make the splicing wall display images correctly.


Ethernet monitoring & control in real time

Full 60Hz Image Processing

VPX-500 provides full 60Hz perfect outputs that effectively resolve dynamic image ghosting caused by the low frame state and present sharp dynamic images.

Seamless Transition 





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