Xtreme XD-550LCD 55-Inch Very Narrow Bezel (3.5mm) LCD Video Wall Screen


3.5mm very narrow Bezel

Xtreme Display Video 55-inch (3.5mm) LCD Video Wall screen, with the market-leading 3.5mm very narrow border, providing almost seamless perfect image and excellent brand experience. From 4 meters away from the naked eye almost can not see the border, to create a truly seamless image, excellent communication display information. Full HD resolution with back-light adjustment solution to enhance contrast for superior image quality. The innovative anti-glare screen effectively prevents glare, and the image-retention technology reduces blurring by up to 44% so it does not interfere with the image display.

Wide color gamut, high contrast, color gradation

The LED backlight can easily get 72% of the NTSC color area. The LED backlight also has significant advantages in terms of color rendering and gradation transitions. Users can fine-tune the color automatically or manually. Color saturation can be calibrated automatically or manually. Color values can be shared across multiple monitors to ensure excellent color saturation across all monitor screens in the video wall, giving the viewer a great visual experience.

Environmental protection, energy saving, safety

Although manufacturers have tried their best to reduce the mercury content in the fluorescent tube, the completely mercury-free fluorescent tube brings some new technical problems, and the prospect of realization is not seen for the time being. The reverse is the LED backlight, the advantage is completely free of mercury, in line with the green fashion.

The LED backlight is very power-saving. Its power consumption is lower than the CCFL cold cathode backlight. Although the luminous efficiency of CCFL is not inferior to that of LED, because CCFL is scattered light, a large amount of light is wasted in the light emitting process. In this way, the LED light appears to be more efficient. Due to the higher efficiency, the number of LED lamps can be reduced, the design can be more reasonable, and the problem of exposure to light is also reduced.

Slim body design

Slim body design, the entire screen wall occupies a very small area, which is suitable for installation in any area of the place.

Stitching any choice, the use of strong adaptability

Through the built-in splicing device, splicing the display screen, in addition to the number of splicing arbitrary choice (line (m) X column (n)) (maximum 15 X15), the screen size also has a variety of options to meet the needs of different places.

Flexible combination of a mosaic display function

Trillion professional multi-screen splicing control box in two levels using a dedicated IC processing chip for the acquisition of the input signal to achieve full digital processing of the image signal using high-quality image compensation technology, all the image data repackaging, high-speed data channel To the display driver IC processing chip, to achieve fast, high-quality image display.

Ring signal processing

Trillion professional multi-screen splicing control box with loop processing, all signals through the RS232 and video loop to achieve the signal loop transfer, to achieve the transfer of time and ring the screen has nothing to do, in order to achieve any signal splicing amplification fast display.

Long life, stable operation

Ordinary CCFL backlight general service life of 30,000 hours, such a life for the frequent use of users means that after using 2 to 3 years the brightness of the LCD will be significantly decreased, and had to replace the LCD CCFL backlight Module. The LED backlight is completely free from such problems, the current stage of the life of white LED backlighting has been as high as 50,000 hours, but also to enhance the potential again.

Adopt advanced power supply system, excellent thermal design, to ensure long-term stable operation, low failure rate, prolonged work after the image quality (brightness uniformity, color consistency, mosaic effect, etc.) does not change significantly, without regular debugging. No consumables, lowest maintenance costs, lowest life-cycle cost.

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