Xtreme XD-MCS-APP Distributed Application Software


Product Description

  MCS provides a full software video cloud access, without the need for supporting hardware devices to network video streams and conventional computer desktop images into the MCS cloud real-time access, but also without professional graphics that produce ultra-high resolution images point to point dynamic display, Meet the needs of special industry applications, is the highest cost MCS cloud access program.


MCS Smart Cloud Desktop

      1, point-to-point computer desktop crawl, no direct access to the MCS cloud hardware.

      2, high-performance optimization, 1080p up to 30fps above, the image is smooth.

      3, support 2K / 4K resolution desktop point to point capture.

      4, support multiple extended screen image capture, each extension can be independently called.

      Support real-time capture of computer audio.

MCS Smart Cloud Recording

      1, distributed architecture, no separate recording equipment

      2, multi-room multi-station simultaneous recording

      3, cloud storage, cluster management, unlimited expansion

      4, many people live online at the same time watching

      5, recording at the same time support for time-shifted playback, support for manual or scheduled snapshots

      6, support for fast retrieval on demand, multi-stream at the same time online look back.

      7, support artificial or intelligent automatic guide

      Multi-user hierarchical management, authority level clear

QD – Tech Dynamic Ultra-High Definition Desktop

      Real-time generation of ultra-high resolution point-to-point ultra-high-resolution images, without professional graphics

      Dynamic high score image processing to meet the needs of real-time application software operations.

      Just connect the network cable can be ultra-high score images access MCS cloud

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